Creating an Interactive Wallboard for JIRA

By Ethan Goldman-Kirst – Team Epic (Justin Emge, Jun Fan, Ethan Goldman-Kirst)

Over the last few weeks, our team of three interns has been creating a plugin for displaying progress and work at a high level for JIRA. We have already deployed our free, open-source software internally at Cobalt and are in the process of publishing it to the Atlassian Marketplace. Through our time here, we have met with potential customers, adapting the plugin to meet their needs. In the next month, we will continue to receive feedback and improve our software so we can leave with a successful and widely used product.

Overview of the Plugin

The plugin is built for JIRA and consists of a live-updating table of projects. The projects shown will be all projects that you have permission to see (everyone at Cobalt can see all projects in the company). There are two main use cases that we have thought of: 1.) as a tool for product managers, and 2.) as a wallboard to be displayed on the TVs around the office to show work in progress in real-time. A fullscreen mode assists with the latter, making the page easily navigable using a touch screen. The main feature of the plugin is the unique ability to see detailed information about each epic in a project, including a list of all stories. Epics and stories are displayed in an old-fashioned style using post-it notes to replicate how Agile boards were done in the past.


Publishing to the Atlassian Marketplace

On monday this week, August 6th, we began the process of publishing the app to the Atlassian Marketplace. It will hopefully be available to everyone at the end of the three to five day review process. The publishing process has been quite a lot of work in itself. We had to consult a designer to make our icon, and gained experience in photoshop while creating the banner seen above. At the end of the week, as long as our plugin is approved, you can find it on the Atlassian Marketplace by searching for Epic Work View for JIRA. We would appreciate any questions or feedback.

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